Comoran Consulate In Toronto, Canada

Organization Type(mission) Consulate
Country Comoros flag Comoros
Located country Canada flag Canada
Located city Toronto
Address(street) Blind Line
Burlington, ON L7P 0B1
Emails Not provided
Fax (+1) (905) 331 8580
Telephone number Not provided
Office hours By appointment
Head of mission Mr Richard Lande, Honorary Consul
Services Not provided
Social media Not provided
The Comoran Consulate in Toronto is located at Blind Line,Burlington, ON L7P 0B1,Canada. The office hours are not fixed and require advance appointment.It is currently unclear what consular services the institution provides. Please confirm by phone. If a phone number is listed, it is recommended to consult through the phone first. If there is no phone number, you can obtain more detailed information through email or social media.



Comoros has a total of 42 diplomatic missions worldwide, including 16 embassies, 6 consulates general, 18 consulates, 1 permanent missions, 1 mission(s), etc.

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An embassy is a permanent diplomatic representative office stationed in the capital of a country that has established diplomatic relations. The embassy represents the interests of the entire country and is fully responsible for the relationship between the two countries. The head of the embassy is usually an ambassador, and can also be an envoy or other level of diplomatic personnel appointed by the sending country. The embassy is appointed by the head of state and performs its duties as a representative of the head of state.

Consulates are the general name of the consular representative offices of a country in a city of another country. According to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, consulates are divided into consulates general, consulates, vice consulates and consular agencies, which are responsible for managing local nationals and other consular affairs.